Troubleshooting Pool Equipment


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Green With Leaks

 A good Customer called me with worries of bad circulation and the pool turning green with several leaks in plumbing. When I investigated the return plumbing, it was a nightmare of pipes going in different directions with different valves turning it with several different hydraulic Restrictions. I found two leaks in the return plumbing, coming from cold joints that had been done in the past by the pool builder. we cut all old plumbing out and started over again, and the pool is circulating perfectly now and his crystal clear.

Importance of Professional Troubleshooting for Backyard Swimming Pool Equipment

1. Identifying the Root Cause of Green Water

  • Why it matters: Green water typically indicates algae growth, which can be due to improper chemical balance, inadequate filtration, or insufficient circulation. A professional can accurately diagnose the root cause and recommend the correct treatment, ensuring that the pool is safe and clean for use.
  • Impact: Without proper diagnosis and treatment, algae can continue to grow, making the pool unsafe for swimming and potentially leading to more significant issues down the line.

2. Addressing Visible Leaks Effectively

  • Why it matters: Leaks can lead to water loss, increased water bills, and damage to the pool structure and surrounding area. A professional can locate the source of the leaks, which might not be immediately visible or accessible without the right tools or expertise.
  • Impact: Quick and effective repair of leaks prevents further damage and saves on water and repair costs in the long run.

3. Correcting Disorganized Plumbing

  • Why it matters: Disorganized or improperly installed plumbing can cause inefficient water circulation, leading to issues like uneven chemical distribution or inadequate filtration. A professional can redesign or correct the plumbing layout for optimal performance.
  • Impact: Properly organized plumbing ensures efficient pool operation, reduces the risk of hydraulic issues, and can improve the longevity of the pool equipment.

4. Resolving Hydraulic Issues

  • Why it matters: Hydraulic issues, such as poor water flow or pressure problems, can indicate blockages, pump failure, or incorrectly sized pipes. These issues can significantly impact the pool’s filtration and heating efficiency. A professional has the knowledge to diagnose and fix these problems effectively.
  • Impact: Addressing hydraulic issues promptly ensures that the pool’s water remains clean and properly circulated, preventing equipment strain and potential failures.

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