Swimming Pool Coping Installation – Repair Bond Beam Crack – Simi Valley Ca #2224

Michael LaCouture / Author – Owner

Improper installation leads to damaged coping and bond beam

Customer called me out to look at cracks in the Coping. She just had a new deck installed six months before. The contractor that installed the deck knew nothing about Pools. He poured the deck right up against the pool coping and bond beam. he did not know you were supposed to install half inch expansion foam between the deck and the pool bond beam and Coping. when there was ground movement recently the deck pushed up against the coping of the pool and several cracks appeared. I informed the customer of this and we decided to remove the old pool Coping installed in the 60s, and cut to fit Flagstone (rustic hill) as new pool Coping. She’s very much like the color because it matches her house….Swimming Pool Coping Installation – Repair Bond beam crack

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