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Swimming Pool and Spa Structural Crack Repair – New Pavers – Indian Hills, Ca #324

Spa Structural  Repairs

We Had two very similar jobs, recently, that illustrate the importance of doing a build correctly the first time. Both pools were constructed with sub par use of steel to reinforce the structure of the pool and spa. We’ve combined both jobs to demonstrate the similar problems and our unique solutions.
The owner of this pool called after watching our videos. he had several structural cracks in his large pool with a spa. we found cracks in several corners of pool and cracks on both sides of his spa wall. when we excavated through plaster and gunite, we found only 20% of steel  used by builder. we had to reinforce all corners of pool and take all spa wall down and reinforce complete wall.the builder also did not use steel in pool deck which needed to be removed.we replaced all electrical that rusted through under deck. we stripped pool and spa to gunite, installed new dark blue tile, installed paver coping, installed new drains, installed paver deck, and pebble plaster.

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