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Issue with Tiles

Whenever tiles are exposed to the sun, as in this spillway, several issues arise over time:

  1. Grout Deterioration:
    • Cause: Prolonged exposure to sunlight causes the grout to degrade.
    • Effect: Over the years, this deterioration compromises the integrity of the grout, making it less effective at sealing the spaces between tiles.
  2. Water Infiltration:
    • Cause: As the grout deteriorates, small gaps and cracks form, allowing water to seep behind the tiles.
    • Effect: The water that gets behind the tiles can cause the thin set or adhesive holding the tiles to the wall to delaminate. This means the tiles lose their bond and may start to fall off.

Preferred Construction Method: Stone or Flagstone

To mitigate these issues, we recommend constructing spillways from stone or flagstone. Here are the reasons and benefits:

  1. Durability:
    • Stone and Flagstone: These materials are much more resistant to weathering and UV exposure compared to standard tiles and grout.
    • Longevity: They do not deteriorate as quickly under sun exposure, ensuring a longer-lasting spillway.
  2. Enhanced Adhesion:
    • Robust Adhesives: When using flagstone, more robust adhesives can be employed. These include advanced mortars with liquid glue additives.
    • Improved Bonding: These adhesives provide a stronger bond between the stone and the underlying surface, reducing the risk of delamination.

Specific Recommendation

In this particular case, we recommend:

  1. 18-Inch Spillway:
    • Construction: An 18-inch spillway constructed from flagstone.
    • Adhesive: Using a high-quality mortar mixed with liquid glue to ensure a durable and long-lasting bond.

By using flagstone and robust adhesives, the spillway will be more resistant to the detrimental effects of sun exposure, significantly reducing maintenance and repair needs over time. This approach ensures a more reliable and aesthetically pleasing water feature.

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