Pool And Spa Inspections For Real Estate Professionals
And Homeowners IN ESCROW

CA CONTRACTORS LIC. # 679356 (C-53)

Pool and Spa Expertise: 39 Years of Excellence

Michael is not your average pool and spa enthusiast. He boasts a remarkable 39 years of experience in this field, making him a true authority in every aspect of pools and spas. His journey in the industry has been one of constant learning, innovation, and dedicated service.

Remodeling, Repairs, and New Construction Consulting

Remodeling: Michael has a keen eye for transforming existing pools and spas into magnificent aquatic retreats. His remodeling skills encompass everything from modernizing aesthetics to enhancing functionality, breathing new life into tired pools.

Repairs: Over nearly four decades, Michael has encountered and resolved every conceivable pool and spa issue. From leaks and cracks to equipment malfunctions, he is adept at diagnosing problems and executing precise repairs.

New Construction:Consulting Building pools and spas from the ground up is where Michael truly shines. His extensive experience allows him to design and create aquatic havens that perfectly align with his clients’ visions, combining functionality, aesthetics, and durability.

Equipment Installation and Repair

Michael is not just an expert in pools and spas themselves; he’s also well-versed in the intricate world of pool and spa equipment. Whether it’s installing cutting-edge equipment to optimize your pool’s performance or troubleshooting and repairing existing systems, his proficiency is unmatched. From pumps and filters to heaters and automation systems, he knows it all.

In summary, Michael’s 39 years of experience have molded him into a seasoned professional in the pool and spa industry. His skills span remodeling, repairs, and new construction, and he excels in equipment installation and repair. When you choose Michael, you’re selecting a pool and spa specialist with a deep well of knowledge and a commitment to delivering top-tier service.

Improperly installed paver deck could have led to a costly disaster – Simi Valley Ca #2302
Crack Repairs | Deck Pavers | Joint Seal | Plumbing Re Pipe | Pool and Spa Inspection | Pool Coping

Improperly installed paver deck could have led to a costly disaster – Simi Valley Ca #2302

Improperly installed paver deck could have led to a costly disaster …..Swimming Pool Paver Deck Remodel Customer called us in regards to paver, grout, not matching around the pool from a previous paver company….

“He did our Pre-Sale Inspection, and it was more than worth the expense”

When We Were Buying Our House Michael Did The Inspection Of The Pool.
He Provided A List Of Issues With Prices.
He Told Me What Needed To Be Fixed Right Away And What Could Wait.
We Had Him Do The Repairs And He Was A Real Professional.
Now We Use Him For Weekly Pool Service.
I Have And Do Recommend Michael’s Pool Service.

Great Job Michael! Thanks
A.J.M. | Homeowner