Paver Inspection Pool photo

Paver Deck Inspection – Thousand Oaks Ca #2220

Paver Deck Inspection

Thousand Oaks customer called me to inspect Pavers a company had installed and he was having issues with movement around the pool area. The movement issues were due to not having a proper retaining wall to hold the deck up. But the other problems we found from the paver company were they did not remove enough existing clay and dirt from the property and they installed the pavers against the stucco of the house instead of the foundation of the house. I informed the homeowner that on the next big rain water will get into the house.

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Features we can add to your existing pool include:

  • Waterfalls
  • Beach entry
  • Baja step
  • Luxury lighting
  • Upgraded tiles
  • Hardscape resurfacing
  • Safety handrails
  • Shallower deep ends
  • Spa