1. Do You Have To Add Chemicals To My Pool?

Chlorine Is The Most Effective Chemical To Sanitize Water.  We are very careful to never over chlorinate your pool, so we use a variety of non chlorine chemicals to keep your pool algae free, We also use phosphate remover, and chlorine free liquid shock. Your Pool Needs Chemicals To Kill Inert Bacteria And Algae, And To Have A Balanced PH. With Excessive Heat And Sunlight During The Hot Summer Months, Chlorine Tends To Evaporate Out Of The Water, So We Periodically Add More To Keep The Concentration High Enough To Be Effective.

2. Why Is My Pool Green?

If Your Pool Water Is Taking On A Strange, Green Hue, It Is Possible That Your Pool Has Algae In It. This Can Be Caused By Improper Chemistry, Or By Excessively Hot Days, When The Sunlight Eats The Chlorine Through Evaporation, And The Water Is Left Unprotected, And Algae Begins To Form. We Can Correct This With Chemicals And A Thorough Cleaning With A Specialized Brush. A Green Pool Can Also Be Attributed To Equipment Failure That Is Causing The Pump Or Motor To Function At A Lower Performance Level. Another Explanation For A Green Pool Is The Need For Filter Cleaning; A Dirty Filter Doesn’t Perform At Full Capacity.

3. How Often Do My Filters Need To Be Cleaned?

The Answer Can Vary From Filter To Filter, Not Forgetting To Take Usage Into Consideration. Pools That Get Used A Lot Can Require More Frequent Filter Cleanings, But A General Guideline On Any Residential Swimming Pool Filter Is To Inspect The Filter Each Month, And Clean As Needed. In General, Most Pools Need Their Filters Cleaned 3 – 4 Times Per Year, More Or Less Depending On The Pool. Commercial Pools Tend To Need Filter Cleaning More Frequently.

4. Why Is The Water Level In My Pool So Low?

Evaporation Is The Number One Culprit When It Comes To Falling Water Levels In A Pool. On Extremely Hot Days, It Is Vital To Your Pool To Make Sure The Water Level Is Always Mid-Way Through The First Perimeter Tile. Adding Water To Your Pool For An Hour Or So, Once A Week, Will Keep The Water At The Appropriate Level. Your Pool Equipment Only Runs At Full Capacity With A Pool Full Of Water, Otherwise You Can Put Unnecessary Strain On Your Pool Equipment.

5. How Long Should My Pool Pump Be Running?

During The Hot Summer Months, Your Pool Pump Should Be Running 6-8 Hours A Day While The Sun Is Hottest. Having Your Pump Run Only In The Evenings Will Not Provide The Right Amount Of Circulation For Your Pump To Function At Optimal Levels. In The Winter Months, We Set Your Pump To Run 4-6 Hours A Day.

6. Can You Help Me With Energy-Savings?

In This Ever-Changing World, People Are Starting To Truly Care About Our Earth And The Environment. Michael’s Pool Service And Repairs Supports The Efforts Of Environmental Organizations, Both Local And Global, By Ensuring Our Customers Are Getting The Most Out Of Their Equipment With Regular Service. Many Cities Offer Rebate Programs Through DWP, Edison, SoCal Gas, And More! We Keep Up-To-Date On All The Current Rebates For Los Angeles Customers, So That We Can Provide Expert Advice When It Comes To Upgrading Your Equipment For Ultimate Energy-Savings!