DECK REPAIR Before and After


Michael LaCouture / Author – Owner

The deck required some much-needed tender loving care

A longtime customer residing in Thousand Oaks approached us with concerns about the condition of her deck. The deck, primarily composed of flagstone, required some much-needed tender loving care. Over time, the grout had developed extensive cracking, and several large flagstone pieces had become loose, posing safety risks and aesthetic concerns. Understanding her preference to avoid the expense and disruption of constructing an entirely new deck, we devised a restoration plan tailored to her needs.
Over the course of four days, our team undertook the meticulous process of repairing and re-grouting the flagstone on her steps and the surrounding area of her spa patio deck. This restoration not only secured the loose stones but also rejuvenated the overall appearance of her deck, ensuring durability and enhancing her outdoor living space’s beauty.

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